We help you understand your Customers Better through Experimentation to drive long-term Profit 

We are Mavenistic, a full-service D2C E-commerce agency. We focus on strategic tests that aid decision-making and learning. 

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We’ve helped grow some of the largest startups and enterprises


We always ask what is, and what next that can fuel innovation for growth 

We’re the agency that believes D2C brands that are future-ready will be who can lead, experiment, learn and adapt and keep innovating from both the inside out and from the outside in. Below are a few activities we undertake to help you grow

  • Improve your testing processes 

  • Turn data into action 

  • Run strategic experiments

  • On-Demand Dedicated team


The Experimental Revolution

The winners are applying experimentation processes at scale to revolutionize their business growth and decision-making.

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What we do

We start with identifying the problem faced by users and then use experimentation to de-risk bold solutions, accelerate them to market, and empower a cultural movement to create growth today and tomorrow.

We work alongside you, to fix your data problems, understand your users better and run high-performing experimentation programs.

  • Improved customer experience

  • Identifying opportunities faster

  • Making business decisions via data



We start with a human problem and then use experimentation to de-risk bold solutions, accelerate them to market, to create growth today and tomorrow. On-Demand Dedicated team

  • Customer experience optimization

  • Customer Research

  • Usability Audit

  • Conversion optimization


How to think of us

We are your full-service eCommerce agency. We can manage everything from strategy to execution.

How it works

We’re a team of senior eCommerce designers & usability strategists. Our in-house team is complemented by our expert network of world-class specialists. We operate via this model for a reason

Your business is unique, and so is the team you need. We build the perfect team for your exact goals. At no additional cost to you.

This is an ongoing process.  It never stops!

  • Build

  • Experiment

  • Adapt & Measure

  • Learn


Who you are


You want to grow your brand and revenue.



Great You’re looking for a partner — not a vendor.



You appreciate the holistic nature of sustainable, defensible growth.



You want your strategy, product, creative, and data all working together.


When is the right time?

Typically, we are most effective in the following growth scenarios

  • An early-stage company who is looking to establish a brand & exploring growth channel

  • Established Player who is looking to elevate to next level via sustainable growth channel

  • High-growth brands with a proven product looking to grow fast.


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